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I just graduated, and I’m leaving the country ASAP
I have to sell my beautiful 2003 Mercedes E 500 with 54,000 miles.
It’s Brilliant Silver with Black Premium Leather upholstery.
No Accident, It’s never been involved in fender bender. Both front and rear are the original bumper from the factory.

I am the original owner and always babied this car.
I always handwash the car and polish it with Zaino.

It has Panoramic Sunroof
Solar Panel Roof (it could ventilate the interior during hot sunny days)

Adaptive Airmatic Suspension (you could raise and lower the vehicle with a touch of a button, & adjust the damper stiffness (Comfort, Sport I, Sport II))

Harman Kardon Logic 7 sound system (13 Speakers and Subwoofer)
6 Disc CD changer

Sport Package:
Bi-Xenon headlamps
LED brakelights
Sport Bodykit (Front + Rear bumper and sideskirt)
Black Wood Trim
Premium Leather Steering Wheel
Premium Leather Upholstery with padded door panel

Split-folding rear seat (could be fold down flat with the trunk for more storage)
Power and Memory Front Seats for Driver and Passenger
OEM Mercedes CLS 500 Wheels and tires
OEM Mercedes Euro Strip
OEM Flat hood badge
All around premium tint 35% (Better than factory tint as it was etched to the window with no cuts or peels)
4 Zone Digital Automatic Climate Control (Rear Passengers could set their own temperature)
Adaptive Rain-sensing wiper
Heated Front Seats

I am a fans of Mercedes Original Parts for its reliability and Clean Showroom Looks, not aftermarket stuff.
There are scratches on the front bumper from parallel parking, but both bumpers are the original thats always been on the car since day 1.

As a bonus, I will include:
OEM Mercedes Tire Pump
OEM Mercedes E-Class All Season Mat
OEM Mercedes New Carpet
Wider Spare tire
Hardwired Valentine One Radar and Laser Detector, with Concealed Display
(I had it professionally installed, for security issue, its hidden from the plain view)
I will give you the rest of my Zaino polish products.

4 sets of OEM Mercedes Jack
After completing the payment, I will teach you how to lower the car in 5 minutes, for photoshoot session.
It will be restored to normal ride height when you start the car.

All around High Quality tint
All of the sides window carefully tinted to the top, not like ordinary tint that they cut the film near the top that leaves a gap between the top of the window and the film, which could easily peels.
And on the rear doors, the small quarter glass are fully tinted, not partially tinted. You could see it on my pictures, that all of the side windows are evenly tinted, which looks it came from the factory.
It reduces glare, protect your skin from UV, enhance privacy, and avoid overheating.

With Panoramic Roof, and Solar Panel ($2500 option)
It uses solar power to ventilate the entire car. During the hot sunny days, the interior of the car will never be scorching hot, since it automatically turn on the ventilation, even the rear HVAC since the car is equiped with 4 zone climate control.

About Insurance, I’m currently paying $250 for 6months with GEICO minimum liability insurance.

The Blue Book Retail price as of 3rd Jan 2010 is $22,640
I’m selling it for $19,000 for Quick Sale

I have the title in my hand, so please get pre-approved for your loan first if you would like to finance the car.
As I want to sell the car quickly, not waiting for bank to pre-approve loans.

No, I’m not interested with any trade unless its a LCI 2007+ Mini Cooper S Automatic
I just want to try it for a few weeks.

Thanks for your time!

PS: I’m out of town during this holiday, until 4th of January, so YES, the car is still AVAILABLE.

Happy Holiday !!

ps: If you would like to test drive my car, please bring your full coverage insurance.

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