• Leak Proof Arista roof tiles are watertight because of the double profile on the overlapping.
  • Lightweight Only one-sixth the weight of a concrete tile.
  • Wind Resistant Arista  roof  tiles  are  interlock  securely  with  fix fastener to create a strong and safe roofing structure, able to resist the earthquakes and hurricane forces.
  • Roof Contour Versatility Galvanized metal roofing tiles are flexible and are most suited for traditional, modern or classical architecture.
  • Construction Cost Saving Arista roof tile are lightweight resulting in economical roof structures.
  • Break Proof Beside being lightweight and leak proof, Arista roof tiles are weather resistent. They will not shatter even in extreme temperature or climatic condition.
  • Security Assured The interlock fastening system provides peace of mind.
  • Fire Resistant Reduce fire risk.

ARISTA metal roofing tile gives natural look for your home. The additional stone chips coating enhance durability and artistic touch for better living.